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About BlinkGigs

BlinkGigs brings the concept of internet-dating to the job market.  Using our advanced algorithms and matching technology, you will be matched to other suitable members of BlinkGigs.

  • Post an open gig, specify the skills you need, the hours, the location, and any other relevant information, and your gig will be matched against a list of suitable gig searchers who can fill your position.  Peruse the list directly on your mobile device and send invitations for further communication directly to candidates of interest.
  • Post your skills, your location, available hours, travel distance, and any other relevant information, and you will receive a list of open gigs that match your requirements.  Peruse the list directly on your mobile device and send a request for further communications directly to gigs that interest you.
  • Use the secure in-app communications to communicate directly with your match without needing to share personal contact information.  Discuss the gig, setup a meeting, and get going faster than ever before.

Developed using a multi-platform technology BlinkGigs is positioned to bring its technology to all popular handheld devices, desktop devices, and the web.  Using the App and connected cloud technology, all your information, profile, matches and communications will be available on any device you log in to.

While an application with our scope and openness can be useful to almost any segment of the job market, we will focus initially on the food service industry.  Keep watching for a launch announcement for your area.